SLSQ Cyber Solutions
for Clubs and Branches

Cyber crime is one of the biggest risks to organisations.
How vulnerable is your club?
A number of SLS clubs have recently fallen victim to cyber crime, in some cases losing tens of thousands of dollars. These increasing attacks represent a real threat to a club’s financial position and their members’ data.

In response to this risk, SLSQ is launching an initiative to help QLD surf clubs, branches and supporters clubs to reduce the risk of a security incident. This will include providing access to some critical online security tools at a heavily reduced price.

Security Tools
- Online Cyber Awareness Training for club administrative staff and volunteers
- Phishing Simulator to test the team's ability to spot suspicious emails
- Dark Web Monitoring to check if the team have been  involved in a data breach
- Online Cyber Assessment Tool to identify areas for improvement at your club
- Security Policy Documents tailored for SLSQ clubs to establish cyber policies and procedures
- Automated Vulnerability Scanning to identify weaknesses in your club’s website

We’re working with the cyber security experts at Apollo Secure to deliver this via an automated platform that makes this initiative low touch for your club.

Key Benefits
- Reduce your club’s cyber risk
- Minimal effort for clubs
- Special SLS pricing
- Helps reduce insurance premiums

The program is available at a reduced price for SLSQ Clubs, Branches and Supporters Clubs for only $500 per year (normally $1,990) each.

Please register below before 29th February 2024 to take advantage of the offer.

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"Ineffective cybersecurity controls pose a significant risk to Surf Clubs and, in several recent cases, has resulted in Clubs losing money. In partnership with Apollo Secure, Surf Life Saving NSW has rolled out a cybersecurity program for clubs and branches to evaluate their cybersecurity readiness and implement practical measures to enhance the protection of IT assets. I strongly recommend that all Surf Life Saving Clubs and Branches take advantage of this opportunity."

- Matthew Ingersole, Chief Information Officer, SLSNSW
Apollo Secure
Apollo Secure is a Sydney-based cyber security company that specialises in creating practical and affordable cyber solutions for small businesses. We’ve put together a special offer for the SLSQ clubs to improve their security maturity with minimal effort.

If you have any questions or need further information, please check out the below Frequently Asked Questions or email and one of the team at Apollo Secure will respond.

of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses.1
of small businesses are prepared to defend themselves.1
of small businesses that suffer a cyberattack go out of business within 6 months.2
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   How much does it cost?
A:    The program is available at a reduced price for SLSQ Clubs, Branches and Supporters Clubs for only $400 per year (normally $1,990) each.

Q:   What do I need to do as a club to implement all of these things?
A:    Apollo is an automated platform so most of the hard work is automated for you. There will be some coordination to ensure the online training is being done and filling out a questionnaire for the cyber assessment.

Q:   What's included in the training?
A:    A series of short video training modules are available that cover basic to intermediate security topics to educate staff and selected volunteers and reduce the chance of them causing a security incident such as clicking on a malicious link or using a weak password. The training is all managed online and emailed out to selected people to complete.

Q:   How does the Cyber Assessment Tool work?
A:    You will answer a set of 10 straightforward questions about your current security measures and the system will automatically produce a report outlining areas for improvement so you can plan and prioritise activities accordingly.

Q:   What does the Vulnerability Scanning do?
A:    The Vulnerability Scanner is an online tool that will scan your website to identify weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers trying to break into your system. Hackers use similar tools to identify ways in which they can get in and steal confidential data, so this provides you with a pre-emptive check to allow you to fill the gaps before anyone gets in.

Q:   What kind of policies will be provided?
A:    A set of easy-to-follow security policies will be provided that define a baseline of how the club manages security issues as well as establishing standards on topics like password management and acceptable use of IT systems.

Q:   What happens if I don’t renew after 12 months?
A:    There is no obligation to renew after 12 months. If you choose not to renew, you can download the policies, the assessment report and the vulnerability report to use in future before your account is closed.

Establish Trust with your members and volunteers

The cost of prevention is far less than the cost of recovery from a cyberattack, so it’s essential that clubs take the necessary steps to protect themselves.

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2 Securities & Exchange Commission, The Need for Greater Focus onthe Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Small and Midsize Businesses, 2015