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As a startup, you face a lot of challenges, but one of the often overlooked threats to your success is a lack of cybersecurity. That's why it's essential for startups to invest in cyber protection and to be able to demonstrate that they meet minimum standards.

Apollo Secure offers an affordable, automated solutions that can be implemented in weeks (not months) to provide your customers with the assurance they need.
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Customer Spotlight

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Rubii needed help after receiving a security questionnaire from a major customer and they didn't have the experience in house to turn it around.

Apollo was able to quickly onboard them and get their compliance needs met within a matter of weeks. Rubii are continuing on their cyber journey so that the next time, they are ready to go immediately.
“We could have lost our biggest client if Apollo didn’t implement cyber security basics for the vendor risk questionnaire. Their cyber security software is easy and affordable, so we didn’t have to worry about all the details.”
Ben Holmes
-Ben Holmes
Rubii CEO


of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses.1


of startup founders reported experiencing a cyberattack over the past year.1


of small businesses that suffer a cyberattack go out of business within 6 months.2
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How we can help

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common and they can devastate your business by disrupting your operations and damaging your reputation. Apollo Secure's software and services provide you with everything you need to be able to demonstrate that you have taken the necessary steps that your customers require to protect their data.

Cyberattacks can be particularly damaging for startups that don't have the financial resources or reputation to weather such an event. The protection provided by Apollo Secure can help safeguard your startup against cyber incidents and data breaches.


We automate the complexity out of the process


Achieve alignment in a matter of weeks


Pricing from as little as $199 per month
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Be your customers’ most trusted partner

Corporate clients are now requiring their vendors to comply with cybersecurity and data privacy standards.

By investing in cyber protection and meeting compliance standards, you can position your startup as a trusted partner and win more business from these customers.
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